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Praying Mantis

This beautiful insect spends most of the time in perfect stillness, in a kind of deep meditation. The position of it’s barbed fore-arms, evokes an image of praying, hence the name praying mantis. My painting shows the mantis camouflaged by the green leaves of the foreground. It hunts by staying motionless, for eternity if need be. The sun, moon, and stars, in the background, refers to the expanse of time and space, which the mantis has mastered.



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Beyond Image is more than just one man’s exploration into a creative medium.

Beyond Image aims to create art pieces that are both thought provoking and awe inspiring.

Your drawings are very powerful. I can see lots of exciting influences in there. Keep at it! Very best wishes, Lachlan

Lachlan Goudie, Artist & BBC Presenter

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