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The Righteous The Atoned And The Damned

Drawing: Graphite and Pencil on Paper.

The artwork is a follow up to the crucifixion drawing that i created previously. I wanted to create a composition that would signify the true power of 'The Son Of God' as he casts judgment on mankind. I felt that the composition needed to give peace and hope to the innocent, redemption and salvation to the atoned, and sheer terror to the wicked. The art that i was attempting to create had to indicate two important factors. First of all it had to be dynamic and full of motion. Secondly, it had to be highly detailed. These 'factors' determine and underline my style and discipline.

For inspiration i turned to the renaissance period of european art. The last judgment is a popular theme for artists to explore. I believe that the most innovative and influential art of this theme came from renaissance artists.

I looked at the drawing called 'The Punishment Of Avaricious' by Federico Zuccaro, made between 1560-1590. The drawing gives a vivid and frightening insight into the fate of the greedy as they are rounded up by demons and thrown into a fiery pit.
For an even more dramatic scene of the damned, i studied the painting fresco by the artist named Luca Signorelli. His painting entitled 'The Damned' was made between 1500-1504. It is a powerful composition that shows the damned tied up by demons and thrown into the flames of hell. It also shows a group of angels in the clouds.

In my opinion the greatest art that depicted the last judgment is by Michelangelo Buonarroti. The composition is full of drama and dynamism. It invokes absolute terror and the same time it gives hope and salvation. I also believe that it gives us the most powerful image of Christ as he judges the good and the evil.
In my composition you see the righteous brought to life, bathed in light, as they make there way to heaven. In the mid part you see a figure reaching out and touching Jesus, at the same time shielding his eyes from the blinding holy light. The figure has atoned for his sins and begging for forgiveness. The figures that are falling downwards are the damned. They include a man holding onto the hair of a woman. Both spent there lives inflicting pain and misery to others. A man on the upper right of the composition, is the politician/government official. This person stands for the liar and war monger. He is gagged and pulled down into the abyss. At the bottom right of the composition you see what awaits the mass murderers, serial killers, rapists, paedophiles, terrorists, false prophets, polluters/destroyers of habitats, poachers, the vain, racists. A child molester is crouched down, urinating and defaecating, as he is about to be sent to hell for ever. In fact, the whole representation of the wickedness of mankind, are dealt with by demons and monsters. They are ALL DAMNED.

The bottom left of the composition shows a man and a woman bathed in light, as they prepare for the after life. 

Finally, the top of the composition shows the archangel Gabriel as he reaches out for the righteous. The archangel Michael is preventing the wicked from entering paradise. In the background are a host of angels. In the centre you have Jesus in a Herculean/Apollonian stance. He is shown beardless in the ancient manner, just as was portrayed by Michelangelo in his last judgment.



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