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The Messiah Died

Drawing: Pencil, Gouache and Graphite on Paper.

The son of God died for the sins of man, yet man has learned nothing. Millennia have passed by and it seems as if there are more bad people on earth than good. Any excuse leads to war, corruption is everywhere, rich get richer, poor remain poor. And so it continues.

The artwork that i have created is dedicated to the following: the poor and the suffering, the people who help mankind for no personal glorification, people who have a conscience, people who protect the environment and ecosystems, people who bring endangered species from the brink of extinction and nurture the flora and fauna. The holy beings, scientists, artists, writers, philosophers and humanitarians throughout the centuries, for they bring hope, clarity, and the path of true righteousness.

The story behind the composition of my work illustrates the last remaining minutes of the crucifixion. Angels, visible only to the messiah and the holy mother, are grieving at the suffering being inflicted upon Jesus. They are trying to ease his burden with comfort and empathy. One of the angels touches the hand of the messiah. Another angel, overcome with grief and anger, reaches out and takes off the crown of thorns. All the angels are disgusted by the seemingly infinite cruelty of man. There is a supernatural and divine light eminating from the messiah Jesus. This 'glow' bathes the pure and good. Holy Mother Mary kneels at the foot of the cross. She is agonised by the burden and suffering endured by her beloved son. Joseph of Arimathea, with outstretched arms, is in disbelief at the events taking place. Behind Mother Mary stands John The Apostle. He is making a gesture to indicate that the suffering is almost at an end. His gaze falls upon Mary Magdalene, who distraught with grief, falls to the ground and looks upwards to heaven and begs for God to end the suffering.

In the immediate foreground there are people who were healed by Jesus. In the bottom left of the composition there are three figures who are talking amongst themselves, and oblivious of the importance of the scene being witnessed. There are also two roman soldiers. One of the soldiers has taken off his helmet. He has realised that this is not an ordinary crucifixion, but something divine. The second roman soldier holds the spear that will pierce the body of the messiah upon his demise.
To the right of Jesus is the crucified thief who acknowledges that the man named Jesus is innocent of all crimes. 'The good thief' is holding a flower to remind him of purity. To the left of Jesus is the crucified thief who represents the ugliness of mankind. He has grown fat from the misery of others. He is unrepentant and the symbol of greed. He believes that he can take his wealth with him. Only an argument with the roman soldier causes the thief to let fall the coins in his grasp.
I exaggerated the size of the two thieves in the composition because i wanted to signify their importance in the event taking place at Golgotha two thousand years ago.

Inspiration for my artwork came mainly from an etching called 'The Three Crosses' made by the dutch master artist Rembrandt Harmensz Van Rijn. I was also inspired by the spanish master Diego Velazquez and his painting called 'Christ On The Cross'. The venician master painter named Titian painted 'Crucifixion'. This painting was of some inspiration. In order to get a sense of the bloody horror and cruelty of the crucifixion i was inspired by the paintings of the crucifixion by the german master Matthias Grunewald. I was also aware of the great and moving film 'The Passion' by Mel Gibson. The film is a cinematic triumph and does give the viewer the sense of 'the passion' and its meaning.

The artwork took around five weeks to create. The time and effort is, justified and reflected, in the price of the artwork. 

Premium quality graphite pencils and high quality paper is used to create this artwork. The artwork will be protected with archival paper and reinforced with card, front and back. Documentation of artwork authenticity is included. Bubble wrap will then be used to protect the artwork. The artwork is then placed in a sturdy five panel flat box and ready to be shipped.



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