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Pearls Of Wisdom

Drawing: Pencil and Graphite on Paper.

The main reason why i created this drawing was because i wanted to give my impression of what an oriental dragon could be like. I have always found dragons to be fascinating. In western mythology the dragon is represented as a winged fire breathing monster, not to be trusted. Western dragons are usually portrayed as hoarders of great riches and knowledge. Oriental dragons are more benevolent, trusting and wise. They are generally portrayed as wingless. Oriental dragons are the bringers of thunder, and the guardians of the moon. In Chinese beliefs, when a dragon is shown in close proximity to a pearl, this signifies the role of the dragon as 'Guardian Of The Moon' (the pearl of heaven). The dragon is said to swallow the moon to cause an eclipse, and regurgitate it to bring back light.
When two dragons are seen fighting, as shown in my drawing, pearls fall from heaven. Pearls in Chinese mythology, symbolise 'a wish fulfilled'. When a dragon is seen with a 'flaming ball/pearl', this emphasises their role as lords of thunder, rain and lakes. According to the stories, the dragon comes into flames when it makes contact with water. A five clawed dragon is associated with chinese emperors.

The composition that i have created shows two dragons in combat. One of the dragons has caught a pearl. The pearls are shown with tails of water vapour, as they move through the atmosphere. The dragons are inspired by Chinese and Japanese masters of art. One of my favourite masters is Katsushika Hokusai. In my opinion he is the greatest of the Japanese masters. Hokusai is an artist of immense vision and originality. He excels in drawing, painting and printmaking, and reminds me also of master artists such as Durer, Da Vinci etc.
I have made my composition as interesting and technically challenging as possible. This has a purpose, and that is, for the viewer to spend time analysing the work. If the viewer gives a second glance and then shows interest, then the composition will have served its purpose.

The artwork was quite challenging. My aim was to create an original and complicated composition. The purpose being that the viewer tries to unravel the intertwining dragons, and in doing so, appreciates the amount of effort required in making this composition. I spent around seven weeks to create this artwork. This is reflected and justified in the price of the work and its uniqueness.

Premium quality graphite pencils and high quality paper is used to create this art. The artwork will be protected with archival paper and reinforced with card, front and back. Documentation of artwork authenticity is included. Bubble wrap will then be used to further protect the artwork. The artwork is then placed in a sturdy five panel flat box and ready to be shipped.



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Your drawings are very powerful. I can see lots of exciting influences in there. Keep at it! Very best wishes, Lachlan

Lachlan Goudie, Artist & BBC Presenter

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