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Neoproterozoic Era

Drawing: Pencil and Graphite on Paper.

700 million years ago the earth became a frozen planet. A theory that describes this awesome phenomena is called 'Snowball Theory'. Scientists are unsure as to how or why this happened. The earth has witnessed as much as five or more of these glacial phases, encompassing the earth from pole to pole. These phases lasted for millions of years. As earth 'shut down' so did the primitive life forms such as marine phytoplankton, due to the absence of sun light reaching the oceans. Life would reappear during hot interglacial periods, until the next glacial phase. This hot/cold fluctuation over millions of years, could be the reason that during the Ediacaran Period, towards the end of the Neoproterozoic Era, there was an explosion of strange marine life forms. Scientists can only guess as to the actual cause to this event.

The art that i have created is a kind of abstract/semi-abstract vision of what earth could have looked like during the 'Snowball Earth' phase. I have made the surface of the earth heavily marked by millions of years of glacial activity, volcanic upheaval, and asteroid/ meteor bombardment. Since there is no positive evidence for the earth to 'wake up' from this frozen slumber, i decided to include a 'divine spark' into the equation. This interaction produces immense cloud forms. Travelling at hundreds of kilometres an hour, the whirling clouds envelop the entire planet. This enables the life giving rays of the sun to slowly warm the planet and bring it back to life.

This artwork is unique in its depiction of what planet earth may have looked like 700 million years ago. My research into this period was quite extensive. I decided to create an image of earth that, with divine intervention, begins to recover from millions of years in deep sleep. I shyed away from scientific digital representations. Instead, i focused on the imaginative. The price of the artwork reflects the amount of detailing and originality to this piece. 

Premium quality graphite pencils and high quality paper is used to create this art. The art will be protected with archival paper and reinforced with card, front and back. Documentation of artwork authenticity is included. Bubble wrap will then be used to further protect the artwork. The artwork is then placed in a sturdy five panel flat box and ready to be shipped.



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Your drawings are very powerful. I can see lots of exciting influences in there. Keep at it! Very best wishes, Lachlan

Lachlan Goudie, Artist & BBC Presenter

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