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Lover, King, Killer Of Demons

Drawing: Graphite, Pencil and Acrylic on Paper.

The artwork is inspired by ancient Hindu mythologies. The central figure is the god Vishnu. In visual depictions of Vishnu, whether it is in a painting, sculpture,textual, he is described as being multi limbed and of a bluish complexion. In each hand is held a 'Padma'(lotus) lower left hand, a 'Kaumodaki Gada'(mace) lower right hand, a 'Panchajanya Shankha'(conch) upper left hand, a 'Sudarshana Chakra'(discus) upper right hand.

The conch is spiral in shape and it symbolizes all of interconnected spiral cyclic existance. The discus symbolizes the god Vishnu, as the one who restores dharma( righteousness), when the equilibrium of the universe is overwhelmed by the forces of evil. The mace is a symbol of authority and the power of universal knowledge. The lotus is symbolic of purity and spiritual transcendence.

Originally i was going to show Vishnu defeating one demon figure, with a few other figures holding weapons and preparing to do battle. Having done the initial sketch for the composition, i realised that there was too much of a vacuum in the remaining areas. I began to draw a second sketch and added more characters. The second composition looked much better, with emphasis on drama and visual dynamism.
In my composition i have portrayed Vishnu in his VishnuKrishna form. The god Krishna, also depicted in Indian art as having a blue complexion, is one of the 'Avatars' of the god Vishnu. I had the idea of portraying the god holding divine weapons. His upper left hand is spinning the cosmic discus. Several demon figures are swept up into the swirling vortex of the discus and, when they fall, are hacked to pieces with a divine axe. In his lower right hand the god Vishnu is shown having impaled several demon figures with the divine spear that is associated with the Hindu god Brahma. In his upper right hand Vishnu is shown holding various figures. The image of a deity holding defeated figures in one hand whilst carrying weapons in the other hands, is a popular theme in Indian art and it is symbolic of evil being defeated by the forces of good.

There are also a few other important figures in the composition. In another visual metaphor of good being triumphant over evil, depicted in many Indian artworks, Vishnu is seen crushing his enemies underfoot. A demon queen is crushed underfoot. She is seen by her king, who flies upwards trident spear in hand. The brother of the king attempts to strike a blow. He thrusts a spear into the arm of Vishnu and the spear shatters. Vishnu looks down at the demon and smiles. The god Vishnu has an aura of serene purity and perfection. He knows that in order to regain equilibrium in the universe, he must annihilate every demon figure. He proceeds to do so.

The drawing is created using premium quality graphite. As usual in my compositions, attention to detailing is paramount. Gold acrylic is used to highlight all body adornments. Good quality paper is used with a smooth textural surface.



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