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The Butterfly Angel

I had the idea of god sending an angel to observe the flora and fauna on earth. The angel sees the plants and animals that are flourishing, and the species,that due to man''s greed, neglect and ignorance, that have gone forever.The painting is intended to be thought provoking as well as peaceful.


  • Materials- Pen and ink wash.
  • Gold card.
  • Size- A4(210x297mm).
  • Print size-A4(210x297mm)Premium glossy heavy weight paper.
  • Original – Price £550.00 
  • Print – Price £35.00


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Beyond Image is more than just one man’s exploration into a creative medium.

Beyond Image aims to create art pieces that are both thought provoking and awe inspiring.

Your drawings are very powerful. I can see lots of exciting influences in there. Keep at it! Very best wishes, Lachlan

Lachlan Goudie, Artist & BBC Presenter

Beyond Image

West Midlands House,

Gipsy Lane,


West Midlands,

WV13 2HA


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